Promar Food Analtsis and Control
Analysis and Control promar food quality laboratory

Analysis and Control
We have our own laboratory adopted the zero-defect policy and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to analyze and check the food ingredients we trade to prevent time related changes during storage, and manufacturing loss and manufacturing defects that might arise during manufacturing process. The laboratory’s safety is periodically checked by accredited laboratory using equivalent sampling method.

The studies we duly carry out at the laboratory aim the assurance of high nutrient content of the raw materials used in animal feed. Besides, all analyses we do meet environmental and consumer health protection regulations. The company’s compliance with ISO22000 Food Safety System Standard has been certified by the relevant accredited organizations.

At Promar A.Ş.,we not only do aim at winning but enable others to win, and hence, we carry out studies with meticulous care to provide high quality and safe products to our esteemed customers.

promar analiz ve kontrol promar quality and reliance

Quality and Reliance
Quality control means taking preventive measures against factors that might hinder manufacturing quality. The primary aim of quality control is improving and implementing, and maintaining effective manufacturing plans necessary for meeting customer requirements and corporate requirements in the most economical level.

The global safe food, consumer health, and environmental safety concept became a requirement for the food industry around the world is now applies to the feed industry as well. At Promar A.Ş., we believe that reliance is the indicator of the quality of any service provided to consumers. We adopted the principle of sustainable quality assurance; hence, we check the raw materials according to customer requirements.

QUALITY and RELIABILITY promar quality R & D

Quality control is to judge the quality by taking measures against state activity reduces the quality of the production.

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