Promar Food Corporate

promar corporate The main ingredient for people to continue their life and protect their health is food.

If people are fed properly and healthily then they can be productive. This means that the importance of agriculture and animal husbandry is increasing around the world on a daily basis. This is also true in this country, despite the problems we are encountering in these fields.

Our sector is growing on a daily basis and is serving our community by adopting new sowing, planting and fertilization technologies, as well as Animal feeding and husbandry techniques.

Promar inc. has developed its own niche in the animal husbandry and feed sector. We supply and produce the highest quality imported and locally produced animal feed and raw materials. We also supply the highest quality native and imported wheat grain. We started trading in 2003 and since that time we have grown to be one of the major suppliers of raw materials for the whole of Turkey Promar food is one of the leading suppliers of animal food and flour. We supply low cost, high quality raw materials with no concession on quality. We are very experienced at sourcing and supplying materials both nationally and internationally.

Promar food provides these services from 3 different offices located in İzmir, Istanbul and Ankara accordingly. We also have food production facilities located in Kocaeli Körfez Rota Limanı and İzmir Kemalpaşa.

  • National - international regulation and demanded by our customers
  • Products that suitable for microbiological, physical and chemical specifications,
  • With healthy and quality inputs,
  • By providing that products are produced, stored and shipped under hygienic conditions
  • To present healthy and quality products to our customers,
  • We are guarantee continuously improving our processes and our factory with our strong communication and trained personnel.

Our mission is to provide economical products and services, sector leadership and customer satisfaction. This is achieved by ensuring all our suppliers and staff; implement our quality and product controls. Ensuring our customers only receive the finest products at the lowest possible cost.


Our vision is to be the sector leader and standard setter for our industry, making a difference with the highest quality products and.


Understanding Quality and Superior Service with industry leading an organization is to Make a Difference.


Understanding Quality and Superior Service with industry leading an organization is to Make a Difference...